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Joe Gardenghi

President, Music City Maryland Association

Joe Gardenghi has been active in the technology, promotion/events, and sales arena for over twenty years. He currently works for the Columbia Association and has prior experience working with private and public companies.  His years of experience have focused on strategic and operational planning, enterprise architecture, department budgeting, managing vendor relationships and outsourcing communication systems and solutions, overseeing cyber security programs and protocols, project development, data and asset management for reporting, and management of team members at all levels. He has worked with three startup companies and two of them focused on social events and promotions.  Joe also volunteers for a nonprofit community service association, Music City Maryland Association.  Joe is passionate about music and arts, and works closely with community leaders, local organizations, and businesses to plan and create music opportunities in the Catonsville area. Much of his career has focused on building relationships and collaborating with internal and external customers.  Joe served as the Oak Crest Community Association  President and board member and was the den leader for pack 456 for several years. Joe earned a BS in Business and Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University.

Joe Gardenghi
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