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For Consultants for a Website Review and Redesign

The Baltimore County Arts Guild seeks responses and qualifications from consultants who have expertise in the redesign of websites which include interactive features, such as event calendars, for the purpose of redesigning the Catonsville Arts District (District) website

Closing Date: Mon. October 10, 2022


  • utilize the existing Wix website building platform or a similar platform that integrates with the functions of the Guild’s main Wix-based website (

  • use existing content and add additional features and functionality

  • be visually appealing and engaging,

  • provide an interactive community-based event calendar,

  • create an easy content management system that will permit nontechnical staff and approved community users to easily update website content and/or calendar listings,

  • integrate capabilities for hosting and streaming videos,

  • integrate with the main Guild website’s registration and online form system,

  • promote brand consistency by integrating existing District branding including colors, designs, fonts and logos,

  • strengthen relationships with partners, organizations and businesses,

  • convey comprehensive information and resources in an intuitive manner and easy-to-navigate manner,

  • increase market share and visitation via organic search,

  • provide links to District social media platforms,

  • gather email, areas of interest and demographic information from visitors in a format that permits the Guild o maintain a single database of users and email each according to their area of interest and profile,

  • be scalable to all devices.

  • The consultant is expected to provide training on the new website



The consultant will be selected by October 20th and will interview stakeholders involved with the project to gain a better understanding of the vision. The consultant will conduct an analysis of the existing site to determine its strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback to the Director. The Consultant will then submit a detailed proposal that includes a final, approved timeline and budget. The end date for the timeline will be prior to December 31, 2022.



Responses must be submitted electronically before 4:00 p.m. on or before October 10th to The proposal format is required to be presented in the following


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