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RFP: Music City Heritage Study

The Baltimore County Arts Guild seeks to develop a Historic Landscape Study for Catonsville, and its music heritage, under the direction of a qualified researcher. Closing Date: Friday, January 22, 2020

Music cannot be understood without the context of history. Musicians

and composers reflect the times

and experiences from which they come. And, in some cases, just as our history informs music, music, in turn, informs history. Imagine how the early call and response tradition of African Americans was shaped by the need to form community in order to survive. Similarly, imagine how the protest songs of the 60’s informed and inspired the antiwar actions of the Catonsville Nine.


Catonsville, declared “Music City, Maryland” by the state legislature, has a unique but largely undocumented music heritage. This project will research this music heritage and survey the former and current musical resources of the newly designated Catonsville Arts & Entertainment District. The study, funded in part by the Patapsco Heritage Greenway, the Baltimore County Arts Guild and the Citizens of Baltimore County, will create a foundation upon which we can continue to build documentation

of our music heritage. To learn more

or submit a proposal, click the button below.

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