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Catonsville- the Art Beat of Maryland


In 2002, the Maryland General Assembly designated Catonsville as, "Music City, Maryland" in honor of its rich music heritage and abundant music resources including music speciality shops, businesses and performance venues. 

In 2020, Baltimore County Government and the Baltimore County Arts Guild sought and received designation for Catonsville as Baltimore County's first Arts & Entertainment District.

The Arts & Entertainment District, managed by the Baltimore County Arts Guild and led by an incredible Board of business owners, artists residents, is truly the Art Beat of Maryland!

The opportunity to create and participate in arts and music has never been better in Catonsville! Visit and explore the unique heritage of "Music City Maryland.”


Discover live music, art studios and galleries, unique boutiques and makers spaces.


Dine at award-winning restaurants and explore our Rails to Trails and nearby Patapsco State Park.

Learn about state and county A&E incentives including tax deductions for artists who create and sell within a designated district, low and interest free loans, real property tax credits and admissions and amusement tax exemptions and more!


Catonsville- It’s where artists work and play.


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